Meet The Staff

Gina Jarrell – Practice Coordinator

Amanda Handy – Director of operations

Jeannie Humphrey – Patient Care Coordinator

“The best part about my job is seeing people smile again. It’s the best feeling to see patients get their self-esteem back.”

Gina Williams – Patient Relations Specialist

“I love getting to see the change in self-esteem and confidence. Seeing a patient come in for their first appointment and feeling ashamed or embarrassed to look at people or smile and laugh and then see the confidence they have once they have completed their dental treatment is the best part of my job.”

Kaylee Stewart – Patient Relations Specialist

“Being a part of something that changes someone’s life and helps them gain their confidence back is so rewarding. I love interacting with our patients and helping educate them on their dental procedures.”

Cristie Hatfield – Dental Hygienist

“When patients come in and they are in pain and seeking help, being able to help them and relieve the pain and improve their smile is the best part of my job. I love seeing patients who came in needing a deep cleaning come back for their follow up appointment and their oral health has improved. Educating our patients on their oral health is important to me.”

Leah Brown – Dental Hygienist

“I love educating my patients on the importance of oral health. Helping patients maintain their healthy smiles, being a part of helping create beautiful smiles, and educating patients make my day.”

Kristy Humphrey – Dental Assistant

“Being a part of a huge step in making a patient feel confident and helping them smile again is why I love the dental field. The best thing is seeing a patient who is afraid to smile or laugh transform and feel like themselves again. Our patients make me love my job.”

Jheri Staples – Dental Assistant

“There are so many wonderful things about being in the dental field. From restorations helping a patient gain their confidence back, to educating patients on how to keep their teeth clean and improve not only their oral health but overall health, that is so rewarding to me! The dental field is a field where you can change someone’s mind from being a scary place to a pleasant place by showing kindness and the Agape Love.”

cassandra fox – dental assistant

luana rojano – dental assistant

thaddaeus jordan – sterilization technician

“Being a part of helping patients get a smile they can be proud of is the best part of working in the dental field.”

Emily Hutchinson – Insurance Specialist

“I love being able to talk with our patients and helping to make a difference in their smile.”

Jenny Bolen – Billing Specialist

 “The thing I love most about working in the dental field is giving our patients their smile back and helping to restore their confidence. Knowing that we can help patients achieve their restoration goals no matter their financial situation by education them on their financing options is the best feeling.”

Brian Hutchinson – Lab Coordinator

“It’s rewarding to see patients throughout the denture process. From start to finish you can see a change in the patient, and that makes me love my job.”

Keith casto – Lab Technician